Dog License

Included in the City Code of the City of New Ulm, all dogs in New Ulm must be licensed through the City. To secure an annual license, please bring a "Certificate of Rabies Vaccination" form indicating that your dog has been inoculated against rabies and sterilization status to City Hall at 100 N.
Broadway.  This certificate is supplied by a licensed veterinarian and must reference the rabies tag number and expiration date of the vaccine.  Pet owners should secure this license annually before January 1.

City Staff will assist you in filling out the form and then create the customized tag which must be on all licensed dogs as evidence of a current license. 

All dog licenses will expire on December 31st of each year.  Please contact 507-359-8259 with any questions.  To review the language in the City Code and Charter for more information, dog regulation and licensing is found in Section 8.21.