NEBULUS Emergency Flotation Device

The New Ulm Police Department is now equipped with NEBULUS© Emergency Flotation Devices. This device is equipped with a rip-cord which triggers inflation, providing flotation for up to 3 adults. The University of Minnesota and JTW Associates of Lakeville, MN has furnished the New Ulm Police Department with these devices in an effort to aid First Responders when attempting a rescue on ice/water.

When It Will Be Used

The NEBULUS© emergency flotation device is a cooperative project between the U of M and JTW Associates to find a solution to the 50 drowning deaths caused each year in the U.S. and Canada when snowmobiles and ATVs crash through thin ice. The NEBULUS© device is designed for use in the following situations:

  • First Responder on an ATV or snowmobile - First Responder is able to quickly attach the device to any ATV or snowmobile and drive out to the victim. ATV or snowmobile safety - by attaching the device to any ATV or snowmobile, a rider can travel on frozen lakes and rivers with a greater degree of safety.
  • First Responder on Foot - The walking First Responder is able to crab-walk or paddle out to the victim.