About Us

Herbie W StatuePutting Smiles on Faces

We are in the business of putting smiles on faces. Our park and recreation system is one of the best in Minnesota, including:

  • Maintaining and operating 3 large facilities:
    • Civic Center
    • Community Center
    • Recreation Center
  • Over 40 park units ranging from:
    • Large nature areas on rivers
    • Small neighborhood parks
    • Historical sites downtown and Hermann on the hill
    • Athletic complexes hosting leagues and tournaments
    • Miles of trails for family and fitness
  • A multitude of offered athletic and arts programs, along with special events for young and old throughout the year. Our annual budget is $3.8 million with nearly 100 employees throughout the year
  • Economic development by providing facilities to host large trade shows and conventions, along with maintaining a vast and diverse park and recreation system to attract workers and families to our community
  • Health care by providing parks, health programs and fitness facilities
  • Family values by leading and encouraging wholesome activities and places
  • Safety and security by providing countless safe and healthy opportunities to recreate, grow, and socialize through positive play

Fee Schedule

The Park and Recreation Fee Schedule is available for your convenience! The schedule provides information on various park shelters and ballfield rentals, facility rentals including the Civic, Community and Recreation Centers and the facilities within those complexes. Unless noted, all fees include applicable sales tax.

Fee Schedule Documents