Lap Swim/ Open Swim

Daily Fee: 

  • Youth (4-11)/ Senior (65+): $7
  • General (12-64): $9

Memberships/Punch Cards available. Can be purchased online through the Activity Registration Page or at the Rec Center

Lap Swim: (Subject to change, Hot Tub and Pool are closed during lessons/programs/private rentals)

Open Swim Fall 2023 hours:

  • Wednesday: 4-7 pm (Zero- Depth, Rec Pool & Flume Slides only)
  • Friday: 4-8 pm (All features, subject to change)
  • Saturday & Sunday: 12 - 4 pm (All features, subject to change. Ninja Cross available 12 pm - 3:30 pm)

Tot Swim: Wednesdays 9 am - 10:30 am beginning September 6, 2023

Main Pool 

  • Paying adult must be near children under 10 at all times. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  Kids over 10 that are able to swim may use the pool on their own during lifeguarded hours. Children under 8 must have a supervisor at least 16yrs old in the water within arms reach. 
  • No person with or suspected of having a communicable disease that could be transmitted through use of the pool shall work or use the pool
  • Persons with exposed sub-epidermal tissue, open blisters and cuts should not use the pool.
  • Cleansing shower with soap and water required prior to using the pool, including additional showers if a person uses the toilet.  Soap needs to be rinsed off.
  • No spitting water from the mouth or blowing the nose in the pool or gutters.
  • No running or horseplay (dunking, pushing, bullying, sitting/standing on shoulders)
  • No glass
  • No snorkel or nose piece goggles allowed (some are glass and can block airways)
  • No domestic animals in the pool enclosure, showers or locker rooms
  • No drug or alcohol use; patrons under the influence will be asked to leave immediately with no refund
  • No profanity and inappropriate behavior 
  • No hanging on lane or life lines
  • No sitting, standing or walking on gutters 
  • Always face the water when jumping or diving in from the side
  • Diving is only allowed in water 8 ½ feet or deeper 
  • Harder balls, squirt guns, and general floatation devices are not allowed for general use unless special event or for those with disabilities.
  • Only US Coast Guard Approved lifejackets allowed under direct supervision of an adult and not on any water features.  If the Lifejacket is labeled 4, 5 or 6; it is not approved or allowed
  • Water wings are not allowed.
  • Goggles, masks, fins, snorkels, and kickboards are allowed only for their intended purposes.


  • Limit amount of people in whirlpool at one time to 10 for less than 15 minutes
  • Must be at least 16 to use during open swim, must be at least 18 to use during lap swim
  • Individuals should not use the whirlpool alone 
  • Elderly persons, pregnant women, infants, and those with health conditions requiring medical care should consult a physician before entering the whirlpool
  • Keep head above water.  Hot water immersion may lead to serious consequences.
  • Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting
  • No swimming, splashing, horseplay, lifejackets or toys in the whirlpool
  • There are 2 switches; one for the jets that will turn off automatically in 15 minutes and other is an emergency shut off. If someone shuts it off (pulls it out), the alarm will sound and everything, including the pumps, circulation and heater will turn off. Be sure to push knob back to silence alarm and restart.

Ninja Cross

  • Water depth ranges from 48”- 8’.  
  • No gloves or shoes may be worn
  • Users must be at least 48” and under 275 pounds to use
  • Strong swimming ability required.  Helping by another is not allowed.

Flume Slides

  • Water depth at the exit is 36-42”.  Riders may become disoriented when entering the water.
  • Riders must be at least 48” in height and under 300 pounds.
  • 1 rider at a time; no forming chains
  • Riders MUST ride the slide correctly; lying down with back flat on the surface with ankles and arms crossed as shown on the sign  (this keeps hands and feet inside flume at all times)
  • No stopping is allowed.  If rider has stopped, immediately engage the emergency water shut off.  Lifeguard must talk the rider up or down the slide.
  • Leave landing area immediately and exit to steps.
  • Strong swimming ability required; must be able to swim entire pool length unassisted.  Non-swimmers prohibited
  • Riders must be free from any prohibitive medical condition
  • Do not use while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Wait for guard to give the ok before riding
  • No toys, lifejackets, goggles or any loose items allowed.
  • The orange slide is very fast and dark; warn smaller children wanting to use it

Tot Slide is intended for use by those age 10 and under only

Aqua Climb & Zip’N Rules/Policies

  • Must have float line in place prior to use
  • Lifeguard must be on duty and stationed at features in order to use
  • Experienced swimmers only.
  • One climber/rider at a time.
  • No other swimmers allowed in drop zone while in use, including parents.
  • No diving or flips. Feet first entries only.
  • Users must be less than 250 pounds to use the Zip’N and less than 300 pounds to use climbing wall
  • Exit pool using the ladder at the side of pool.
  • Act responsibly and respect others wanting to use the features.  
  • 2 tries/1 ride and then move to the back of the line.
  • No lifejackets, flotation devices or goggles permitted while using.
  • The lifeguard has authority to close the features at any time.

Health Issues

  • The Recreation Center is a tobacco free (cigarettes, chewing snuff, cigars, etc.) building.  
  • Food and/or beverage is not allowed anywhere but the lobby near the welcome desk or inside the multi purpose rooms.  
  • No glass on the pool deck or in locker rooms
  • Please refrain from using the pool if you have a contagious condition (chicken pox, pink eye, ring worm, open wounds, etc.)
  • Appropriate swim attire required; NO zippers or rivets. 
  • Non-toilet-trained babies & toddlers must wear swim diaper.  Regular “gel” diapers are not allowed.  
  • Cleansing shower with soap and water required before entering pool 
  • Spitting or spouting water and similar unhygienic actions are not permitted.
  • NO chewing gum in pool by patrons or lifeguards.