Hermann Express City Bus Service

How to Use the Hermann Express

The bus will travel a set path and stop at marked bus stops. It may go off route 1-2 blocks upon request; however, these deviations are limited to keep the bus on schedule.

The bus will serve each stop once an hour.  Review bus schedule for detailed route, locations, approximate times and bus riding etiquette.

In addition to the Hermann Express bus service, Heartland Express, an on-demand dial-a-ride service, will continue to be available in New Ulm.

Hermann Express is a public transit service provided by Brown County Human Services.

Hermann Express City Bus

New Ulm City Bus Serving

  1. Linderhof/Hillside Apartments
  2. New Ulm Medical Center Access road
  3. St Michael's 5th N & State St
  4. Broadway Haus Across street on 3rd N
  5. Downtown I 1st N & Minnesota/Penazz
  6. Downtown II 100 S Minnesota/City Center Apts
  7. Oakwood Estates
  8. HyVee Near liquor store entrance
  9. Emerson Union/Courthouse Door 3: 1st N & Washington
  1. Hermann Heights/Martin Luther College
  2. Highland Regency
  3. Sunset Apartments Front entrance
  4. Cash Wise
  5. Walmart
  6. Skyline Terrace/Orchard Hill Highland Ave N & Karl Dr
  7. Ridgeway on 23rd/Traulich Estates 23rd N St
  8. Heartland Express/DMV 1900 N Franklin parking lot