Who can I contact to fix my connection?

New Ulm Public Utilities does not fix sump pump connections. Customers may complete the repair themselves, or they can contact a plumber or other home contractor to complete the work.

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1. Do I need to install a sump pump if I do not have one?
2. Which properties will be inspected during the program?
3. When will inspections take place?
4. What happens if I do not have a sump pump?
5. What happens if I am not at home when the inspector comes?
6. What happens if I do not let the sump pump inspector into my home?
7. What is the problem with sump pump discharge to the sanitary sewer?
8. Who can I contact to fix my connection?
9. What happens if I do not correct my sump pump discharging to the sanitary sewer?
10. Can I switch my discharge pipe to the sanitary sewer system during the winter months?
11. Can I have a bypass valve on my sump pump discharge hose?
12. Do I need a permit to correct sump pump discharge?
13. What happens if my drain tile discharges directly into a sanitary sewer main or old tile line?
14. Where can I run the sump pump hose, and what type of hose works best?
15. Who do I contact for more information?