How to rent a scooter?

To rent a scooter, you need to download the Levy app to an electronic device. Once the Levy e-scooter is unlocked, push off with your foot and activate the hand throttle switch. The cost to rent is $1 and about 30 cents a minute.  First time rider information.

The Levy app will include a map of Levy locations and includes the boundary where the e-scooters can be used. The e-scooters will not operate outside of New Ulm city limits.

The e-scooters are geo-governed to prevent higher speeds in certain parts of town. Levy scooters are limited to 12 mph on the bike trail. City regulations prohibit the use of sidewalks. Levy requires all riders to be age 16 or older.

The Levy e-scooters will reach speeds of 20 mph. 

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1. How to rent a scooter?
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