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New Ulm Public Library Memory Lab Reservation Form

  1. Is this your first time using the Memory Lab?*
  2. What media would you like to digitize? (check all that apply)*

    We are working to expand the capabilities of our lab, so if there is a type of media item not mentioned below, just ask!  We'll see what we can do.  That being said, what would you like to use the Memory Lab for? (check all that apply)

  3. How comfortable are you with using a computer?*
  4. Which day(s) of the week works best for you to come to the library? (check all that apply)*
  5. What time(s) of day works best for you? (check all that apply)*
  6. Estimated Session Time*

    Digitization occurs in real time.  This means that if you bring a 2 hour long home movie to digitize, then the actual time for just the digitization itself will take 2 hours.  Staff will teach, train, and assist you, but you are required to stay to monitor the full digitization process of your materials.  How much time do you estimate you will need for one session?

  7. Thank you for your interest in the Memory Lab!

    Staff check the form several times a day and will contact you to confirm an appointment time with you.  Please remember to bring a digital storage device such as a flash drive or external hard drive to house your media once it is digitized.  Please refer to our Memory Lab Visual Guide for patrons found on the library's website to help you get acquainted with the digitization station.

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