Lawful Gambling Procedures

The City Council requires that the Minnesota Lawful Gambling applications are approved prior to the date of gambling activity.

State of Minnesota Compliance & Licensing Specialists for Brown County

The compliance specialist of the State of Minnesota Gambling Control Board can answer questions regarding the conduct of lawful gambling and reporting requirements. The licensing specialist can answer your questions regarding licenses, permits and leases.

  • Nichole Engeswick, Compliance Specialist
    Mankato Office
    Phone: 507-345-1892
  • Diana Hoffman, Licensing Specialist
    Roseville Office
    Phone: 651-539-1952

Submit Application & Contact Us

Once your gambling application is complete, you may deliver it to the Finance Department so that it can be incorporated with the City Council meeting agenda. If you have any questions, please email Kim Seifert Samuelson or call 507-359-8226.