Animal Control

The New Ulm Police Department has two Animal Control OfficerAnimal Control Buildings. In addition to their regular duties, the Animal Control Officers maintain the animal shelter, investigate suspected abuse or neglect of pets, assist with barking dog calls, admit and release pets to and from the pound, aid in animal bite reports and assist in other situations.

Call 507-233-6750 for any of the following situations:

  • If you have been bitten, seek medical attention and call
  • If you have found a dog or cat
  • If you suspect abuse or neglect of a pet
  • If you think your pet may be in the pound

Pet Owner RulesGolden Retriever

  • A dog or cat must be on a leash when in a City Park.
  • On private property, the owner shall be in direct control of his/her pet if the pet is not leashed.
  • No person shall have more than 3 dogs in any one location in the City of New Ulm.
  • Animals allowed as pets in the City of New Ulm are limited to dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, and caged birds.